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Joe - “Compromise”

Fuck yes!

John Legend - “Made To Love”

One you hear the vocal similarities between John Legend and Tom Waits you cannot un-hear them.

Jeremih - “R.I.P.”

FYI; this Tumblr is effectively dead now. But I’ll still post songs I really like from time to time. Or sometimes just random tracks, like this Jeremih “R.I.P.” rip, where he shouts out to Mr. Feeney.

I wish I liked the new Glenn Lewis/Melanie Fiona track more, since I’ve been waiting for a Lewis comeback for a long time. But I find tropical/island-y R&B tracks are tacky about 90% of the time, and this one isn’t an exception to the rule, sadly, or at least enough of an exception for me to post.

The-Dream - “Confessions Interlude (Pt. 2)”

Jeremih ft. Big Sean and Paul Wall - “Ol’ Skool Pontiac”

On Drake’s “Good Ones Go”

Paste asked its contributors to write about the most played song in their iTunes library, and of course mine was a sad one. Glad it was a track I really love, though:

“Cameras / Good Ones Go (Interlude)” ushers in the most naked stretch of Take Care, the mope-rap chronicle that performed the miracle of making me feel invested in Drake, not just as an artist but as a human being. Though “Cameras” gets top billing, it’s the disposable half of the track, a light anecdote about Drake’s half-hearted efforts to calm a jealous girlfriend. As he often does throughout Take Care, he comes across as a bit of a dick, but that only makes the devastating tenderness of the track’s closer hit that much harder. In a reluctant display of compassion, he finally cuts his beleaguered lover loose on “Good Ones Go,” and he’s crushed by the weight of what he’s losing. “When it’s all done baby, I’m yours if you’re still around,” he sings, trying to convince himself as much as her, even though they both understand that their window is closing. It’s a theme he returns to frequently throughout Take Care, the idea that you can’t bookmark a relationship and return to it at a later convenience. Drake has been rapping about the tradeoffs of fame since almost before he was truly famous, and I can’t say I much empathize with the estrangement he feels or the temptations he faces, but when he sings about giving up a love he knows he’ll never be able to reclaim, I feel it in my gut. Maybe fame really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

typewriter thoughts: Justin Timberlake — The 20/20 Experience

Just a fantastic slab of writing right here; probably the best I’ve seen on the album. I’ve read a few good defenses of this album, but none that strikes such a reasoned emotional appeal.


I remember I was 19 and my summer-fling college boyfriend was driving me two hours along the Pacific Coast to his rimshot ocean-view childhood home. “No, listen to this Justin Timberlake album, it’s really good,” he said, glancing at me a little furtively. At this point I was still a die-hard…

Elijah Blake ft. Common - “XOX”

I may never tire of these ’90s throwback R&B tracks, and this one is especially hot. Very clever use of Common, too, an emcee there aren’t a lot of clever uses left for.

Joe - “I’d Rather Have A Love”

Excuse the deluge of posts; I’m catching up on some tracks I’ve missed over the last couple of weeks. For instance, I had no idea Joe made his own Love Letter track.